Are We There Yet?

Being a transfer skater to another league can be somewhat stressful with getting to know everyone, how they play and how things are run. I recently got a chance to get to know my fellow teammates a little bit better in my first away game to Grand Rapids, MI.

Girl Scout Becomes Sk8 Crime

Would you believe that Sk8 Crime was a Girl Scout and lives every day by the Girl Scout Law? Now, I'm sure you could argue that the Girl Scouts don't really encourage the aggressive behavior that Sk8 Crime exhibits while knocking down the opposition.

My First Sports Hero

With Scout Night on May 8th fast approaching, current member of the Cincinnati Rollergirls and former Girl Scout Bombtrack reminisces about her scouting experiences.

Scout Night Holds a Special Place

May 8th, Scout Night, holds a special place for me. In my youth I was a Boy Scout. It may be hard to believe, but Scouting has a weird connection with roller derby.

04.24.10 Game Recap

The Cincinnati Rollergirls helped the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls celebrate five years of roller derby in Grand Rapids on Saturday night by delivering them their fifth straight defeat in two years.

04.24.10 Game Preview

Caesar is back with another in depth analysis of the Cincinnati Rollergirls upcoming games. This weekend, both the Black Sheep and the Silent Lambs will be heading out of town to take on the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls. If you'd like to make a road trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan to cheer us on, click here for tickets. Can't make the trip? Check CRG's Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

04.17.10 Game Recap

Cincinnati Rollergirls announcer Caesar gives a detailed recap of Saturday's double header against St. Louis. If you missed any of the action, you can read the boutcast and view the archived video of both games online.

04.17.10 Game Preview

Cincinnati Rollergirls announcer Caesar takes a look at this Saturday's home game and gives a detailed preview of the CRG vs St. Louis doubleheader, with additional reporting by Miss Print, Chewblocka and Smarty McFly.

Of course the best way to watch the game is to be there, but if you can't make it down to The Cincinnati Gardens, visit Derby News Network to participate in the boutcast and watch the whole double-header online. You can also read up on DNN's game preview here.

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