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2017 Crosstown Knockdown Preview

One of the things that makes sports so special are rivalry games. These games aren’t just another date on the calendar. They are the first date fans look for every year when the new season schedule comes out. They are the games that make fans scream “ROLL TIDE!” or “WAR EAGLE!” in the streets of Alabama at each other. They are the games that make you the last person to get served a pint when you wear a Yankees hat into a Boston bar. They are the reason I bought an Ohio flag for my house to counteract my neighbor’s Team Up North flag that casts gloom upon our neighborhood.

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Back To School Bout Preview

Gather around youngins, because Uncle Tank is about to spin you a yarn, Grandpa Simpson-style. Roller derby hasn’t always been the well-regulated, fiercely competitive, hyper-athletic, international sport that it is today.

Sponsor Spotlight: Dr. Okragly

Every contact sport has its tools to keep athletes on the field. In the full-contact, fast-paced sport of roller derby, doctors are key to keeping skaters on the track and in the game.

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CRG Forms New Local Teams

On the heels of a successful spring 2017 season at their new venue, Schmidt Memorial Fieldhouse at Xavier University, the Cincinnati Rollergirls will soon be back in action for their first-ever fall season.

2017 Wheelie Award Winners

On Saturday, July 22, the Cincinnati Rollergirls celebrated the end of a successful spring season at Cincinnati's historic Mecklenburg Gardens. Congratulations to this year’s Wheelie Award winners and thank you to everyone who helped make this season a success. And stay tuned for news about our first-ever fall season!

Dedication Award: Cherry Chοke (far left) and Jillian Dollaz (far right)
Skill Award: Royal T
Attitude Award: Karli Hustle
Grit Award: Train N Pain (not pictured)
Athleticism Award: Hubbard
Knowledge Award: Macrum

2017 Home Season Finale Preview

This Saturday night, June 10, the Cincinnati Rollergirls will finish their 12th home season, their first at Schmidt Memorial Fieldhouse on the Xavier University campus.

Get To Know The 513's Officials

In recent years, Cincinnati (area code 513) has begun celebrating itself on May 13, aka 513 Day. We at the Cincinnati Rollergirls would like to take this day to recognize and thank our volunteer officials, who collectively call themselves the Officials Union Local 513. They're the ones who make sure we're skating safely; track points, penalties and a host of other important stats; and generally keep skaters in line and games running smoothly. We couldn't put on our events without them! Read on to learn more about why they do what they do and how you can get involved.

CRG vs. Beckley Preview

After two wins in Fort Wayne, the Cincinnati Rollergirls Black Sheep and Violent Lambs return home to Schmidt Memorial Fieldhouse at Xavier University on Saturday, May 6 to take on the Beckley Area Derby Dames and Dollhouse Derby at CRG's third annual Star Wars Night. Tank breaks down the battles.

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