Cincinnati Rollergirls in the Opening Day Parade

Here's a collection of links around the internet with photos of the Cincinnati Rollergirls rolling in the 2010 Findlay Market Opening Day Parade.

Did you catch CRG in the Opening Day Parade and have photos or a blog post you'd like to share? Send us a link and we'll include it in our Opening Day round-up below.

Opening Day Parade
Everybody loves a parade, including Miss Print:
» Miss Print's Parade Post

CRG's own Wooly Bully shares his parade photos:
» Wooly Bully's Photo Gallery

Fan video of the Cincinnati Rollergirls in action in the parade:
» Parade Video on YouTube

CRG makes the cover of the Local 12 parade coverage:
» Local 12 Fan Photos

Also check out the shots of the CRG rollout (#28) and Hop Devil (#36) in Metromix photo gallery:
» Cincinnati Metromix Parade Photos

Photos #17, 19 & 25 in WLWT's gallery:
» WLWT Parade Gallery

And photo #39 in Fox 19's gallery:
» Fox 19 Parade Gallery

Sk8 Crime and Wooly Bully on the Dayton Daily News site (#39 & 44):
» Dayton Daily News

Cincinnati bloggers Queen City Awesome and 5chw4r7z include photos of CRG in their Opening Day Parade posts:
» Queen City Awesome
» 5chw4r7z

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