The Day I Lost My Face: Why I Quit Wearing a Mask

Finding one's identity, derby or otherwise, is a learning process. In a recent post on his blog Live Your Life Two Minutes at a Time, Cincinnati Rollergirls announcer Tank explains why he's worn his trademark luchador masks since announcing his first game and why he no longer needs it.


The Day I Lost My Face: Why I Quit Wearing a Mask

by Tank | April 7, 2010

“So why aren’t you wearing your mask anymore?” I have been asked this question multiple times via emails, texts, phone calls, and in conversation during the past six months. For years, I have been “the guy in the mask” at derby games across the United States. I get photos, masks, and all sorts of other luchadore memorabilia sent to me from friends. Why would I get rid of something that has become part of my identity?

To understand why I started wearing a mask, you need to understand how I became an announcer. In the winter of 2005, I came across the MySpace page of former Texas Rollergirl Rosie Cheeks. We began to email back and forth about roller derby. I had always been a big fan of Roller Games in the late ’80s and Roller Jam in the ’90s. I showed my ex-girlfriend pictures and videos of Rosie and the rest of TXRG skating. My ex then went on to start the Ohio Roller Girls (OHRG), the first roller derby league in Ohio. I was excited about this, as she would finally have a hobby and I would have plenty of free time to paint with her out of the house.

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