Getting to Know The Cincinnati Rollergirls

On his blog 5chw4r7z: The Ethos of Downtown Cincinnati, local blogger Bob Schwartz interviews several Cincinnati Rollergirls in an effort to get to know more about them.

Captain Painway and Bob Schwartz

Cincinnati Rollergirls

by Bob Schwartz | April 11, 2010

Its hard to avoid a cliché when talking about the Cincinnati Rollergirls, cute and cuddly by day, savage beasts at night! OK, they're human like anyone else but when you see them on the track mixing it up, its quick and easy to pin a label on them. I wanted to find out what really makes a rollergirl tick and learn just a little bit about them. Recently six rollergirls took time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions by email. First of all congrats on the first win, sorry I missed it.

1. Your rollergirl name, what was the inspiration?

Sista Sacralicious My derby name is Sista Sacralicious. I chose my name because after twelve years of Catholic school, I couldn’t see any other option!

Sk8 Crime Sk8 Crime - I am a Hate Crime on Skates. As far as picking it out, I wanted something that is completely different from my daily persona... something mean, something vicious, something totally bad ass.

Captain Painway Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager. It's also in memory of my high school friend Kristeen, who passed away shortly after I joined CRG. She's the one who introduced me to Star Trek, so she was really influential in creating the geek that I am today.

The Librarian Back in March 2006, I took the Roller Derby leap of faith and attended my first recruitment meeting at Kaldi's Cafe on Main treet in OTR... it took all the guts I could muster to just walk through the door. I scanned the crowded room looking for an empty seat to park my heiney and wound up sitting next to your quintessential roller derby pin-up girl: Jet black hair, baby doll bangs, two full sleeves and chest tats to boot! She took one look at me in my glasses, khaki pants and sweater set...then she literally took out her two front teeth and said, "Whaddya doin' playin' rollerderby? You look like a lil' librarian."

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