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Cincy Psych-o

Cincy Psych-o

Skater Number: 99

Position(s): Primarily blocker, but am a closet jammer

Derby Experience: Nada until making the team in January 2012

CRG Debut: Rookie January 2012, Flock Ewes roster in February 2012

Gear: Atom G-Rods & D-Rod wheels; Sonic Outdoor wheels; Triple 8 wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads; customized mouth guard courtesy of our own June With a Cleaver; silver glitter painted Triple 8 helmet; clothing--anything blue!

Cross Training Regimen: Elliptical and treadmill interval training during the winter months; outdoor running during the warmer, hot, and fall months; running half and full marathons; weight training year-round

Awards: You will have to wait and see!

Fun Fact: I'm actively involved in any fundraising for Children's Tumor Foundation to help find a cure for Neurofibramatosis, a disorder that my nephew suffers. This has included being on the support team on a West to East Coast bike race last summer, The Race Across America. On a really fun note....I'm still a NKOTB freak and I don't care!

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