I ran away with the (Roller Derby) Circus

A few years ago, my boyfriend Lee and I found out that there was a roller derby event scheduled at the Gardens. Roller derby? How fun, right? We knew we had to check it out. We thought it was going to be all elbows to the head and fake fighting on a banked track. We were completely wrong. It was so much better than all that.


9 Month Reserve

This year has been amazing for me and for CRG! We had an amazing season which ended when our travel team went San Diego to play on the bank track, eat amazing food and hang out at the beach. It was also when I found out I was pregnant. Two days before our bout to be exact. That was a surprise for sure. I wasn't sure what being a parent was going to be like and I was very distraught that I wouldn't be playing roller derby for almost a whole season--a near death sentence.

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