04.17.10 Game Recap

Cincinnati Rollergirls announcer Caesar gives a detailed recap of Saturday’s double header against St. Louis. If you missed any of the action, you can read the boutcast and view the archived video of both games online.

Silent Lambs 39, St. Lunachix 89

In the undercard game for the Cincinnati Rollergirls’ second home doubleheader of the 2010 season, the visiting team from St. Louis proved to be too much for the young Silent Lambs, who lost by a 50-point margin to the more experienced St. Lunachix.
Despite excellent defensive blocking from Mirderher and Celia Graves, the Lambs couldn’t contain the offensive firepower of veteran jammers Joanie Rollmoan and the Siege. The St. Louis blocking as very impressive, as Ana Warpath, Chewblocka, and Nikki Vixxen proved to be near impossible for Cincinnati jammers to negotiate.
Although this was a tough loss for the Silent Lambs, now 1-1on the season, there were many positives that the training staff can take from this game. Wheezy continues to develop as a jammer, Hop Devil showed much promise in limited action in her first game ever, and Polly Rocket looks recovered from recent injury. The blocking of Geez Louise and Diamond Kut-Her continues to improve rapidly. The leadership of team captain the Librarian is inspirational to watch and you can be sure these Lambs won’t dwell on this loss.
High scorers for the Silent Lambs were Wheezy with 26 and Bombtrack with 5 points. St. Lunachix were led by The Seige with 28 and Mighty Mighty Boston with 20 points. Jammer Wheezy also led in defense against the St. Lunachix jammers with 13 attacks, followed by Bex Pistol with 6. St. Louis skaters spent 6 minutes in the box, half of Cincinnati’s 12 minutes.
» Check out photos from the game here and here.

Black Sheep 134, ARRG All-Stars 68

The Cincinnati Black Sheep extended their current win streak to 4 by dominating a fast and scrappy Arch Rival team in the main even on Saturday night. Hannah Ouchocinco’s inspired performance, her best of the year, shepherded the Sheep to victory. During the game, Ouchocinco sustained a broken finger and a cut to her chin that required stitches, but she still came back in and played after team doctors cleared her.
The second jam of the game provides a good nutshell summary of how the entire game looked. K Lethal, jamming for Cincinnati, was able to quickly get lead on her initial pass, but was then passed by St. Louis jammer Starry Starry Fight who go to about 20 ft. in front of Lethal. Typically in such a situation, the lead jammer would call it off and make it a 0-0 jam. Instead, Lethal dug in, got lower, downshifted and hit the gas, and actually was able to re-pass Fight. Lethal kept it going and the jam ended up 13-4 for Cincinnati, despite blazing pack speed, instead of what would have been 0-0 if most other jammers had been in that situation. That kind of determination and confidence is much of the reason why the Black Sheep are looking strong at 4-1 this season.
The Cincinnati coaches mixed up their jammer rotation a little, going to Sadistic Sadie early and often until they built up a comfortable lead. K Lethal continued to put up big numbers as a jammer. Playing in her first game of the season, Dr. McDerby saw action as both a pivot and a jammer, and appears to have knocked off the rust from missing the first 4 games.
St. Louis had effective defensive blocking, but were unable to provide much help to their small and fast jammers. Smarty McFly, Downtown Dallis, and Davey Blockit were each responsible for numerous jammer take outs. St. Louis relied heavily on Artemischief, Enya Nightmare and Starry Starry Fight, but the combined defensive-offensive pack strategy of the Black sheep was too much for them to adjust to.
Although Cincinnati held the lead for the entire game, it was an exciting, fast, hard hitting match from start to end. St. Louis was a tough competitor, and these regional opponents have developed a heated rivalry.
Scoring leaders for the gamer were K Lethal with 55 and Hannah Ouchocinco with 42 (Cincinnati), and Black Market Baby with 22 and Enya Nightmare with 16 (St. Louis). Trauma and Sadistic Sadie defended against the All-Stars with 11 and 7 attacks each.
» Check out photos from the game here and here
Next up for the Silent Lambs and the Black Sheep is a road game on April 24 in Grand Rapids, Michigan vs. the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls. If you’d like to join us on the road and cheer us on against Grand Raggidy, you can order tickets online. Stay tuned here for game previews and more information.
» The next Cincinnati Rollergirls home game is May 8 at the Gardens (vs. Chicago) and you can get tickets here
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