The Cincinnati Rollergirls helped the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls celebrate five years of roller derby in Grand Rapids on Saturday night by delivering them their fifth straight defeat in two years.

Cincinnati Black Sheep 126, Grand Raggidy All-Stars 59

The Black Sheep further proved themselves as defensive powerhouses in this game, the latest in a six-game streak in which none of their opponents came close to cracking the century mark. Cincinnati’s effective stall blocking and punishing, into-the-wall hits by Sk8r-Kinney and Buckhead Betty visibly frustrated and tired their North Central rivals, though Grand Raggidy jammer Mira Maheiny was able to dodge many checks to dart around the pack and pick up many of her team’s points. Hodi Chitt, the youngest member of the Grand Raggidy All-Stars, also put on a strong showing as a jammer.
Despite Grand Raggidy’s infamously slow, cheese grater-esque floor, the Sheep jammers had little trouble making their way quickly through the pack, though nimble Grand Raggidy blockers Bette Mangler and Tone Loco gave them some trouble. Regular jammers Sadistic Sadie, K Lethal, Nuk’em and Hannah Ouchocinco – who spent more time as a blocker in this game as she nursed a dislocated finger – were assisted by Dr. McDerby and Trauma, who also added to the Sheep’s point total.

Cincinnati Silent Lambs 220, G-Rap Attack 45

The Silent Lambs set a Cincinnati Rollergirls record for a high score on Saturday with their defeat of the comparatively inexperienced G-Rap Attack team, which featured several skaters playing in their first game. Despite effective blocking by Brixton Bomb and X Libris, the G-Rap Attack lacked the overall teamwork and awareness needed to stop the Lambs jammers. Polly Rocket was responsible for several double-digit jams; Bex Pistol, Bombtrack, Miss Print, Pistol Whippin’ Wendy and Wheezy also contributed to the record-breaking total, more than half of which came in the second half of the 60-minute game.
Meanwhile, Lambs blockers including Cherry Choke, Maime, Nik Jagger, The Librarian and an increasingly aggressive Diamond Kut-Her frequently held G-Rap’s jammers scoreless, though G-Rap’s Rosie Root Canal’s impressive speed and agility enabled her to score many of her team’s points.
The next Cincinnati Rollergirls home game is May 8 at the Gardens (vs. Chicago) and you can get tickets here.