2010 Wheelie Award Winners

At the end of every season, the Cincinnati Rollergirls hold an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding members of the team.

The skaters vote for their teammates in every category except for the coaches’ award. Here are the 2010 Wheelie Award winners and nominees:

Team Awards

Coaches’ Award: Karma Krash
Rookie of the Year: Bombtrack
Runners-up: Penni Pusha, Hot Slice, GiGi Go-Glitter, Iona Pare, Kitten Kicker, Flannery O’Slaughter
Hardest Hitter: Nuk’em
Runners-up: Geez Louise, Buckhead Betty, Trauma, Sk8 Crime
Most Feared: Sadistic Sadie
Runners-up: Nuk’em, Sk8 Crime, Sk8r-Kinney
Sweetest Rollergirl: Jungle Lacy
Runners-up: Geez Louise, Miss Print, GiGi Go-Glitter
Most Ridiculous Fall: Cherry Choke
Runners-up: The Librarian, Hannah Ouchocinco
Most Opinionated: Hannah Ouchocinco and Trauma (tie)
Runners-up: Bex Pistol, Sadistic Sadie, Karma Krash
Most Helpful: Karma Krash
Runners-up: The Librarian, Sadistic Sadie, Ruff’n the Passer, Trauma
Life of the After-Party: Buckhead Betty
Runner-up: Diamond Kut-her

Silent Lambs Awards

MVP: Cherry Choke
Runners-up: The Librarian, Wheezy, Bombtrack
Best Jammer: Wheezy
Runner-up: Polly Rocket
Best Pivot: Nik Jagger
Runners-up: Cherry Choke, GlamourAzz
Best Blocker: Geez Louise
Runners-up: Cherry Choke, Mirderher, Maime
Best Duo: Maime and Poppy Chulo
Runners-up: Cherry Choke and Poppy Chulo, Cherry Choke and GlamourAzz
Most Improved: Poppy Chulo and Hop Devil (tie)
Runners-up: Bombtrack, Maime, Miss Print
Best Attitude: Bombtrack
Runners-up: Miss Print, The Librarian, Bex Pistol
Most Underrated: The Librarian and Maime (tie)
Runners-up: Pistol Whippin’ Wendy, Kitten Kicker

Black Sheep Awards

MVP: Sadistic Sadie
Runners-up: Hannah Ouchocinco, Karma Krash
Best Jammer: Hannah Ouchocinco
Runner-up: K. Lethal
Best Blocker: Trauma
Runners-up: Nuk’em, Sk8 Crime, Buckhead Betty
Best Pivot: Sk8r-Kinney
Runner-up: Karma Krash
Best Duo: Sk8r-Kinney and Karma Krash
Runners-up: Karma Krash and Trauma, Nuk’em and Sk8 Crime
Most Improved: Mirderher
Runners-up: Wheezy, Jungle Lacy
Best Attitude: Jungle Lacy
Runners-up: Karma Krash, Ruff’n the Passer, Sk8 Crime
Most Underrated: Jungle Lacy
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, Sk8 Crime, Mirderher
The coaches, referees, photographers, non-skating officials and other volunteers were also recognized by the team for their hard work this year. Thanks to the Northside Tavern for hosting this year’s awards party, and congratulations to all of the winners!