The Cincinnati Rollergirls took over Mainstay Rock Bar‘s Betty Bar in Downtown Cincinnati on Friday, Dec. 16 for the team’s rock star-themed end of season awards party.

Here are the nominees and winners (in bold) of this year’s Wheelie Awards, as voted on by members of the team:

Silent Lambs Awards

MVP: Hot Slice, Cherry Choke, Killian Destroy, Kitten Kicker, Maime
Best Jammer: Hot Slice, Maime, Pistolwhippin’ Wendy, Polly Rocket
Best Pivot: Cherry Choke, Killian Destroy, Pistolwhippin’ Wendy, Polly Rocket, Poppy Chulo
Best Blocker: Killian Destroy, Barracuda, Cherry Choke, Polly Rocket, Poppy Chulo
Hardest Hitter: Railroad, Killian Destroy, Kitten Kicker, Pistolwhippin’ Wendy, Roxx Solid
Most Improved: Railroad, Flannery O’Slaughter, Garden of Beatin’, Iona Pare, Kitten Kicker, Roxx Solid, Sista Shovechild
Best Attitude: Killian Destroy, Barracuda, Bombtrack, Hot Slice
Most Underrated: Maime, Flannery O’Slaughter, Iona Pare, Pistolwhippin’ Wendy, Polly Rocket
Most Versatile: Cherry Choke, Maime, Polly Rocket, Roxx Solid

Black Sheep Awards

MVP: Nuk’em, Hannah Ouchocinco, K. Lethal, Sk8r-Kinney, Wheezy
Best Jammer: Wheezy, Hannah Ouchocinco, K. Lethal
Best Pivot: Sk8r-Kinney, Ruff’n the Passer, June With a Cleaver
Best Blocker: Nuk’em, Buckhead Betty, Sk8r-Kinney
Hardest Hitter: Nuk’em, Buckhead Betty, Mirderher
Most Improved: Kitten Kicker, June With a Cleaver, Maime, Mirderher, Wheezy
Best Attitude: Barracuda, Buckhead Betty, Jungle Lacy, Penn Tupanga, Ruff’n the Passer
Most Underrated: CandyKICKass!, Barracuda, June With a Cleaver, Jungle Lacy, Mirderher
Most Versatile: Nuk’em, Barracuda, CandyKICKass!, Hannah Ouchocinco, Karma Krash

Team Awards

Born This Way Award (Rookie of the Year): Hot Slice, Garden of Beatin’, Imma Tattooher, Railroad, Roxx Solid, Scrapnel
Rock and Roll All Night Award (Life of the After-Party): Buckhead Betty, Bex Pistol, Cherry Choke, Dr. Funkenstein, Sista Shovechild
Hottest in Hot Pants: Wheezy, Buckhead Betty, Captain Gorgeous, Nuk’em, Sista Shovechild
Express Yourself Award (Most Opinionated): Bex Pistol, CandyKICKass!, Hannah Ouchocinco, Karma Krash
Rollin’ With My Homies Award (Road Warrior): Hot Slice, Poppy Chulo, Coach Marty/Pale Rider (3-way tie)
I’ll Be There For You Award (Most Reliable): Hot Slice, June With a Cleaver, Mirderher, Miss Print, Susie Shinsplintski
Don’t Stop Believin’ Award (Spirit Award): Barracuda, Bombtrack, Garden of Beatin’, Hot Slice, Montezooma
Hurts So Good Award (Most Injured): Polly Rocket, Buckhead Betty, Hot Slice, Sk8r-Kinney
Smells Like Team Spirit Award (Smelliest Gear): Buckhead Betty, Maime, Mirderher
Oops, I Did It Again Award (Penalty Box Queen): Sk8r-Kinney, K. Lethal, (NSO) Mother Fuchsia, Nuk’em
Skater Relations Board Award: Flannery O’Slaughter (awarded by the SRB)
Coaches’ Award: Ruff’n the Passer (awarded by the coaches)

NSO (Non-Skating Official) Awards

Wonder Bra Award (most supportive member): Penal Eyes
Armchair Pivot Award (member who can’t stop sharing his derby knowledge): Squintz
Bodacious Boutfit Award: Mother Fuchsia
Sucker Awards (most awesome people suckered into the NSO job): Mr. Nuk’em and Moxy Powers (tie)
Certificates of Awesome: Garden of Beatin’, Mr. Pink, Queen Victorious, Rabid Derby Fan, The Sharmanator, Truxtal

The skaters, coaches, referees, photographers, announcers, NSOs and other volunteers were also thanked by the team for their hard work this year with a special CRG belt buckle. The team also gave a special thanks to Coach Marty, who is retiring from coaching after five seasons but will remain involved with the team.
Congratulations to all of the winners!