For the fifth straight year, the Cincinnati Rollergirls Black Sheep are headed to the post-season playoffs. Their first game, at noon on Friday, September 14, is against a team that they battled for a trip to the WFTDA Championships two years ago. Tank has a preview of the weekend’s games.

What’s happening, Cincinnati Rollergirls fans? It’s been a rough summer for the silver and black, as the Sheep have gone 0-3 since leaving the friendly confines of the Cincinnati Gardens. I think the troubadours Tenacious D said it best when they sang, “The road is f***in’ hard/the road is f***in’ tough-ah.” And now the Black Sheep prepare to travel again as they head to scenic Niagara Falls, New York for the WFTDA North Central Region Playoffs, Thrill of the Spill.
Two things: 1) My geography skills aren’t the best, but I am pretty sure that Niagara Falls isn’t in the Midwest and 2) when is the WFTDA going to stop naming their major tournament games like pro wrestling pay-per-views? I can’t be only one who has thoughts of Hulk Hogan screaming “BROTHA WHEN WE GET IN THE CAGE AT THRILL OF THE SPILL BROTHA YOUR BRIANS ARE GOIN’ TO SPILL FROM THE BIG BOOT, BROTHA!!!” The mind boggles.
Cincinnati enters into the tournament at the No. 7 seed and open up against the No. 10 seed, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls of Madison, Wisconsin, at noon on Friday, September 14. The irony here is that the last time these two teams met, two years ago at the 2010 North Central Region Playoffs, they battled each other for a trip to the WFTDA Championships, a game that Madison won by 22 points. Fast-forward to 2012, and these two teams had to fight tooth and nail just to be in this tournament. Whoever loses this game more than likely will be on the outside looking in next year at this time.
If Cincinnati wins against Madison, they have to face the Minnesota RollerGirls, who are a juggernaut this year (coming a point shy of defeating the undefeated in North Central play lifetime, Windy City Rollers earlier this year). If they lose the opener against Madison, then they will face either Arch Rival or Ohio, two teams that Cincinnati has no love lost with. No matter what happens, there are no easy games on CRG’s schedule.
So what does Cincinnati need to do to end the season on a positive note? Three things that are easier said then done: Play like a team, stay out of the box and put together a complete game. CRG has had flashes of brilliance this summer, but now is the time to bring it together.
The biggest question is, since the Sheep are bringing their full 20-woman roster (listed below) and if they lose to Madison or Minnesota, will they start to insert new players to shake things up? The team will definitely be losing some high level players during the off-season, namely Sk8r-Kinney, who is relocating to San Diego. And that means fresh blood is going to be needed for next year, which we hope will see the team rebuild and contend again for a spot in the WFTDA Championship tournament in 2013.
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Cincinnati Black Sheep: Buckhead Betty 33 // Candy Kickass 32 // Cherry Choke 0 // Hannah Barbaric 85 // June with a Cleaver 21 // Jungle Lacy 83 // K. Lethal 18 // Kitten Kicker 30 // Mirderher 44 // Nuk’em 86 // Penn Tupanga 77 // Pistol Whippin’ Wendy 38 // RailRoad 6 // Ruff’n the Passer 29 // Sailor Scary 4 // Sista Shovechild 2 // Sk8r-Kinney 11 // Wheezy 43 // Unavailable: Hot Slice 71 (injury) // Karma Krash 3 (LOA)
Mad Rollin’ Dolls: Busta Crimes P1MP // Sugalumps 1OR2 // Dutch Oven 2 // Twisted Halo 3 // Mouse 4 Magic Missile D4 // Shananaguns 9MM // Darling Nikki 14 // Mack the Knife 15 // Allie Gator 18FT // Wildberry Punch 27 // Ladie Who-Ha 31 // Charlie Hustle 33 // Stank Girl 77 // Thrill Show M80 // Kill’ Ems B122 // Hazed and Contused 287 // Gene Lane 366 // Hello Sailor 847 // Dolly Pardon Me 925