2012 Wheelie Award Winners

The Cincinnati Rollergirls’ 2012 end of season awards party took place at Japp’s Annex in Over-the-Rhine on Saturday, Dec. 8. Congrats to the nominees and winners of this year’s Wheelie Awards, as voted on by members of the team!

MVP Awards

League MVP: Wheezy
Runners-up: Ruff’n the Passer, Nuk’em
Black Sheep MVP: Wheezy
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, Penn Tupanga, Ruff’n the Passer
Violent Lamb MVP: Hot Slice
Runners-up: Railroad, Sista Shovechild
Flock Ewe MVP: Ruthless Chris
Runners-up: Flannery O’Slaughter, I, Caramba!
Rookie of the Year: Ruthless Chris
Runners-up: Big Ugly, I, Caramba!

Best Skaters

Best Jammer – Black Sheep: Wheezy
Runners-up: K. Lethal, Hannah Barbaric
Best Jammer – Violent Lamb: Hot Slice
Runners-up: Sista Shovechild, Bombtrack, Cherry Choke
Best Jammer – Flock Ewes: I, Caramba!
Runners-up: Ruthless Chris, Annie Tomical
Best Offensive Blocker – Black Sheep: Buckhead Betty
Runners-up: June with a Cleaver, Nuk’em, Penn Tupanga, Ruff’n the Passer
Best Defensive Blocker – Black Sheep: Buckhead Betty
Runners-up: Sk8r-Kinney, Nuk’em, candyKICKass!
Best Offensive Blocker – Violent Lamb: Railroad
Runners-up: Pistol Whippin’ Wendy, Sista Shovechild
Best Defensive Blocker – Violent Lamb: Sista Shovechild
Runners-up: Pistol Whippin’ Wendy, Railroad
Best Offensive Blocker – Flock Ewes: Cincy Psych-O
Runners-up: Big Ugly, I, Caramba!
Best Defensive Blocker – Flock Ewes: Big Ugly
Runners-up: Cincy Psych-O, I, Caramba!

Most Improved

Most Improved Rookie: Big Ugly
Runners-up: Ruthless Chris, Cincy Psych-O
Most Improved League Skater: Kitten Kicker
Runners-up: Sista Shovechild, Susie Shinsplintski

League Awards

Running with the Bulls Award (biggest risk-taker): Nuk’em
Runners-up: Hannah Barbaric, Buckhead Betty, Pistol Whippin’ Wendy
Overtime Jam Award (Most likely to come through in a clutch): Hot Slice
Runners-up: Wheezy, K. Lethal, Cherry Choke
Peas and Carrots Award (Best road buddy): Sailor Scary
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, June with a Cleaver, Sista Shovechild
Best Wall (Best on-track duo): Karma Krash & Sk8r-Kinney
Runners-up: Nuk’em & Hannah Barbaric, Buckhead Betty & Ruff’n the Passer
The Optimist (Spirit award/our cheerleader): Sista Shovechild
Runners-up: Bombtrack, Sailor Scary, Truxtal
Outstanding Service Award (League member that contributed to the league off the track): Miss Print
Runners-up: Garden of Beatin’, Roller Mortis
The Golden Plunger Award (League member that does all the hard work that others don’t line up to do): June with a Cleaver
Runners-up: Garden of Beatin’, Stabby McNeedles, Ruffn’ the Passer, Roller Mortis
Best Signature Move: Buckhead Betty
Runners-up: K. Lethal, Nuk’em
Most Versatile: candyKICKass!
Runners-up: Hannah Barbaric, Kitten Kicker, Nuk’em
Most Encouraging: Bombtrack
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, Karma Krash, Hot Slice
Boom Boom Pow Award (Hardest hitter): Nuk’em
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, Railroad
Timex Award (The “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” award): Hot Slice
Runners-up: Hannah Barbaric, Nuk’em, Truxtal

Special Recognitions

Mentor Award (awarded by the 2012 rookies): Buckhead Betty
Skater Relations Board Award (awarded by the SRB): Bombtrack and Wheezy
Coaches’ Award (awarded by coaches Quad Almighty and Ruff’n the Passer): Bombtrack
He-Man Award (for bout production assistance): Giggles and Ta-Da

NSO Awards

Little Miss Sunshine Award (Member of the 513 who really lights up the track): Mother Fuchsia
Yoga Award (Most flexible member of the 513): Moxy Powers
Sucker Award (The most awesome person we suckered into this job in 2012): Marsh-n-Mellow