The Cincinnati Rollergirls’ 2013 end of season awards party took place at Pallet23 in Northside on Saturday, Nov. 23. Congrats to the nominees and winners of this year’s Wheelie Awards, as voted on by members of the team!

MVP Awards

Black Sheep MVP: K. Lethal
Runners-up: Sadistic Sadie, Wheezy
Violent Lamb MVP: Cherry Choke
Runners-up: Ruthless Chris, Big Ugly
Flock Ewe MVP: Tru D. Vicious
Runners-up: Garden of Beatin’, Susie Shinsplintski

Best Skaters

Best Jammer – Black Sheep: K. Lethal
Runner-up: Wheezy
Best Jammer – Violent Lamb: Ruthless Chris
Runners-up: Sista Shovechild, Bombtrack
Best Jammer – Flock Ewes: Tru D. Vicious
Runners-up: Garden of Beatin’, Cherry Choke, Big Ugly
Best Blocker – Black Sheep: Nuk’em
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, Ruff’n the Passer
Best Blocker – Violent Lamb: Big Ugly
Runners-up: Mirderher, Railroad
Best Blocker – Flock Ewes: Susie Shinsplintski
Runners-up: Annie Tomical, Garden of Beatin’, Cherry Choke
Hardest Hitter – Black Sheep: Nuk’em
Runner-up: Buckhead Betty
Hardest Hitter – Violent Lambs: Railroad
Runners-up: Juwana Hurt, Mirderher
Best Pack Communicator – Black Sheep: Ruff’n the Passer
Runners-up: Sadistic Sadie, Penn Tupanga
Best Pack Communicator – Violent Lambs: Cherry Choke
Runners-up: Mirderher, Big Ugly

League Awards

Rookie of the Year: La Bruja
Runners-up: Tru D. Vicious
Most Improved: Tru D. Vicious
Runners-up: La Bruja, Big Ugly
Best Duo: candyKICKass (and whoever she’s with)
Runners-up: Big Ugly, Ruff’n the Passer, Hannah Barbaric, Nuk’em
Most Versatile: Sadistic Sadie
Runners-up: Sista Shovechild, Big Ugly
Best Signature Move: Nuk’em
Runners-up: K. Lethal, Buckhead Betty
Most Likely to Come Through in a Clutch: K. Lethal
Runners-up: Sadistic Sadie, Ruthless Chris
Best Mentor: Buckhead Betty
Runners-up: Bombtrack, Nuk’em
Most Team Spirit: Sailor Scary
Runners-up: Garden of Beatin’, Sadistic Sadie, Sista Shovechild
Outstanding Service Off the Track Award: Garden of Beatin’
Runner-up: Miss Print
Best Road Buddy: Sailor Scary
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, Big Ugly, La Bruja
Best Fall/Wipeout: Truxtal
Runners-up: Big Ugly, Cherry Choke
Most Opinionated: Sadistic Sadie
Runners-up: Buckhead Betty, June with a Cleaver
Smelliest Gear: Buckhead Betty
Runner-up: Wheezy
Life of the After-Party: Sailor Scary
Runner-up: Buckhead Betty

Special Recognitions

Coaches’ Award (awarded by coaches Quad Almighty and Sadistic Sadie): Garden of Beatin’
Skater Relations Board Award (awarded by the SRB): Bombtrack and Iona Pare

NSO Awards

Most Dependable: Stabby McNeedles
Most Derby Famous: Stabby McNeedles
Most Legible Stats Sheet: Sod Off
Best Time Out Pose: Mother Fuchsia