This Saturday night, June 10, the Cincinnati Rollergirls will finish their 12th home season, their first at Schmidt Memorial Fieldhouse on the Xavier University campus.

The 2-1, 63rd WFTDA ranked Black Sheep will be taking on the 1-3, 159th-ranked Cornfed Derby Dames of Muncie, Indiana, while the 3-2 Violent Lambs will face off against the 1-2 Derby City Roller Girls of Louisville. These are two very favorable matchups for the Cincinnati Rollergirls and should both lead to wins to cap off the inaugural season in their new home.
The Sheep put a hurting on West Virginia’s Beckley Area Derby Dames last month with a two-front assault combined a stiff-nosed defense and a high-octane offense, leading to a 237-85 victory. It was great to see La Bruja (pictured) back on the track in that game, as she is truly a player that makes everyone around her better. Her ability to snuff out opposing jammers and move to anywhere on the floor at a moment’s notice is second to none. I am always impressed by how she will hunt down the other team’s jammer and suck them back into the pack like Jason popping out of Camp Crystal Lake and ripping a camp counselor out of a row boat.
Speaking of impressive, Mae Murder might be a rookie in the WFTDA, but the Cincinnati Junior Rollergirls alumna is making a big impact. Like Aaliyah once sang, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number,” but a number that does matter is how long she is able to keep jammers stuck in the pack. Speaking of welcome additions, Burning River transfer Train N Pain continues to shine. You should never judge a book by its cover, because while her size might fool you into thinking she’s a jammer, TNP has proven that she is one of the most savage blockers on the team. Her short stature allows her to use her entire body like an uppercut that rips through opponents’ vulnerable midsections and sternums.
After watching multiple games this season, I am confident in saying this is the best jammer corps the Cincinnati Rollergirls have ever fielded. Gone are the days of a two-woman rotation, as Jas Hubbard, Royal T, Anne Bones, Wheezy, Nuk’em and Ragdoll Ruby have all seen time with the star this year and each has the drive and desire to get lead jammer anytime they are on the floor. They are like a pride of lions: strong, agile and deadly to players who aren’t wearing the same jersey.
The Violent Lambs roster for this game is packed with talent for Saturday night as they take on Derby City. The Lambs have been strong this year, sporting a winning record, one blowout loss and another game that they were edged out in by two points. This team features a mix of skaters that are pulling double duty on the Sheep, seasoned veterans and new skaters.
Gnarly Manson, formerly with the Ohio Valley Roller Girls, will be playing on Saturday night, as well Noah Pologies and The Slayer, both of whom came up through CRG’s Nati Lites rec team. As the Lambs finish another home season, so does Cherry Choke, the last original Cincinnati Rollergirl who is still skating. She continues to play the game at a competitive level because she evolves with the sport.
On the flipside, Ada Burnlace will be closing out her rookie home season. The former Cincinnati Junior Rollergirls skater came into this season with four years of experience. It still blows my mind that teenagers are now fully capable to play at the adult level and will ultimately be the players that take the sport to the next level in terms of technical ability and gameplay. Finally, blocker Karli Hustle will come to put in work on Saturday night because that is what Karli Hustle does.
It’s been a fun 2017 season at Schmidt Fieldhouse, not only in terms of the on-the-track action but also in the feeling on gameday. The crowds have been loud, the music has been turned up, you can actually understand the announcers and the beer line is always pretty short. It’s nice to no longer feel like stranger in a strange building but instead to feel at home. Come out this Saturday night, Fan Appreciation Night, and help us close out the Cincinnati Rollergirls’ first season on the Xavier University campus.
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Cincinnati Black Sheep vs. Cornfed Derby Dames (6 p.m.)

Black Sheep: 135 – Jas Hubbard // 15 – Mae Murder // 23 – ¡I, Caramba! // 30 – Kitten Kicker // 34 – Jillian Dollaz // 42 – Ragdoll Ruby // 43 – Wheezy // 533 – Royal T // 631 – Ellie Stab’er // 66 – La Bruja // 77 – Anne Bones // 79 – Train N Pain // 86 – Nuk’em // 93 – Macrum // Alternates: 27 – Poppy Chulo // 26 – Mama Crass
Cornfed Derby Dames: 00 fOWL play // 1 One Hit Wanda // 10 Frida Brawlo // Rogue Miss-ile // 227 Cosmo Pain // 42 Aria Kiddinme // 440 Melody Mayhem // 47 JJ BabeRams // 5 Juke Skyblocker // 53 Breckin U Down // 603 Janis Droplin // 789 Bona Petite // 808 BoomsDay // 86 Bonnie Collide // 89 Ramtastic Rebel // 9 U.S.Amee // 911 Ziggy Starthrust // 93 Tazmanian Ethel

Cincinnati Violent Lambs vs. Derby City Roller Girls (8 p.m.)

Violent Lambs: 0 – Cherry Choke // 15 – Mae Murder // 18 – Scrappy Sue // 21 – Ada Burnlace // 23 – ¡I, Caramba! // 26 – Mama Crass // 27 – Poppy Chulo // 29 – REDRUM // 34 – Jillian Dollaz // 41 – Karli Hustle // 42 – Ragdoll Ruby // 49 – Gnarly Manson // 626 – Noah Pologies // 713 – The Slayer // Alternates: 154 – Crystal // 75 – Mel-icious Mischief
Derby City Roller Girls: 7 AKA Rogue // 11 Sam // 37 Little Bunny Slew You // 22 ReXXy Dangerfield // 911 Shellnita Crutch // 312 Dingo K8 MyBaby // 87 Kimmy Crippler // 10 Holy Moses // 72 Beretta Lynn // 62 Ninja Maiden // 88 Nancy // 3 Fury Fae // 12 E2 Brute // 190 Sharon Moonshine // Alternates: 702 Vegas Vixen // 388 Slamus Aran