On May 8th, 2009, I sent an email that changed my life. Getting bored with continuing school after graduation and looking for a challenge outside of my (wonderful) job as a designer, I signed up to try out for roller derby. I had never actually seen a bout, or met a roller girl in person.

All I knew was that it sounded hard, and I would probably get to hit people. Long story short, I made the team and proceeded to begin practicing, and I have been practicing ever since.
Since I joined so late in the 2009 season, with only two home games left, I wasn’t able to play. Then the travel season began, and I continued to come to practice, knowing that I just needed the experience. Now with our 2010 practice season started, and our home season looming ahead I have to admit, I’m getting nervous. On the date of our first home game, March 27th, I will have been a roller girl for a little over 10 months. And I’ve never played in a game.
WheezySo now you know, I’m a rookie veteran. I have a lot of questions that I start asking myself when I think about that first game. Mostly though, I wonder if I make the roster, will I be any good? Sure I scrimmage in practice and I manage to do okay. I’ve even scrimmaged a few times against other teams and nothing unspeakable happened. But no one was watching then. When the pressure is on, and the gardens are packed, what’s going to happen?
Until that first game, I’m going to go to every practice I can and work my hardest. I’ll try to keep up with the best girls and push myself every day. I’ve grown to love roller derby and everyone in it with all my heart, so no matter what happens, I just hope I can make them proud.