In their second and final double-header of the fall 2022 season, the Cincinnati Rollergirls fell to Team Indiana Roller Derby and Team Kentucky Roller Derby after a valiant effort.

Team Indiana and Team Kentucky are made up of some of the top skaters from their respective states, formed to compete in the annual Battle of the All-Stars tournament in Scranton, PA in March 2023. And that talent showed on Saturday, Oct. 8, with Team Indiana beating CRG’s Black Sheep 438-128 and Team Kentucky defeating CRG’s Violent Lambs 372-55.

CRG will now turn its attention to preparing for its return to sanctioned play in the spring of 2023 and its first full home season since before the COVID-19 pandemic. More details will be announced soon.

Top Scorers

CRG Black Sheep: Wheezy (33), Nuk’em (28), Star Flatten’em (23)
Team Indiana: Willsmith (133), Roulette Wheels (100), Jessie Fisher (87)
CRG Violent Lambs: Star Flatten’em (16), Whitlash (16), Ursa Maimher (10)
Team Kentucky: Queen of Hearts (114), Rocky Floor’er (114), Alaskan Assassin (85)


CRG Black Sheep: Ellie Stab’er (blocker), Star Flatten’em (jammer)
Team Indiana: Diamond (blocker), Rita Repulsa (jammer)
CRG Violent Lambs: Crystal Whip (blocker), Whitlash (jammer)
Team Kentucky: Kill’N (blocker), Alaskan Assassin (jammer)