In their first game at the Cincinnati Rollergirls’ new venue, Schmidt Memorial Fieldhouse at Xavier University, CRG’s Black Sheep fell to the Fort Wayne Derby Girls’ Bomb Squad, 148-125.

The Sheep came out strong in the first half of the March 18 home season opener. They led 72-48 at halftime after strong jamming performances by Jas Hubbard, Anne Bones and Royal T and low penalties — only four at halftime to Fort Wayne’s 14.
But in the second half, the Bomb Squad’s defense clamped down. The Sheep struggled to get their jammers out of the pack first and began accumulating more penalties. Meanwhile, Fort Wayne jammers including Speedin Bayou, Pushy Cat and Fish outscored CRG jammers nearly 2-1, propelling the Bomb Squad to an insurmountable lead.
The March 18 matchup was unsanctioned and did not affect either team’s standing in the WFTDA rankings, where CRG currently sits at 61 and Fort Wayne at 94. But the Sheep will get another shot at a win and maintaining their higher ranking on April 29, when they travel to Fort Wayne for a sanctioned game. CRG’s B team, the Violent Lambs, will also make that trip.
Cincinnati’s next home game is Saturday, April 8 against the Circle City Derby Girls of Indianapolis. For more details, click here.