Will the Cincinnati Rollergirls take their fourth straight win against Northern Kentucky’s Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls at the 2015 Crosstown Knockdown this Saturday, Oct. 10 in Covington? Tank breaks it down.

Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Two chunks of land divided by water with their own unique identities. There are people in this area who don’t cross the Brent Spence Bridge, and not just because it will eventually crash into the Ohio River. Locals will proudly let you know that Northern Kentucky is not Cincinnati and vice versa, and deep down, both sides like it that way.
So it was completely natural that the area’s roller derby teams would have a long-standing grudge as well. This Saturday night, the Cincinnati Rollergirls and the Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls meet in the fourth annual Crosstown Knockdown and as always, bragging rights are on the line.
Historically, Cincinnati has dominated this series 3-0. This season sees these two teams at different levels again, but Cincinnati is fielding a mix team of players from all three of their teams. Black-and-Bluegrass had two big losses to begin the season, but they’re now coming off three straight wins.
I am excited to see this game for several reasons:
1. It’s a rivalry game, and those are always more fun than just your normal match-up.
2. Cincinnati’s offense. This team has developed a strong jammer corps with Jas Hubbard and Royal T as a potent 1-2 punch. Macrum and Ellie Stab’er, also on this roster, have had moments of brilliance while wearing the star as well.
3. MIRDERHER (who is so badass that her name must be spelled in all caps at all times) is bench coaching this team with Quad Almighty and is also listed as an alternate. This veteran has loads of experience on an A squad level. She has also been putting in a lot of work at the gym lately, and I hope she goes on the Rock’s diet where she eats 10 pounds of food and starts deadlifting refrigerators daily.
4. Former Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirl turned Cincinnati Rollergirl Darla Vader will be playing against her old teammates. It’s like when Wolverine fights Alpha Flight but with less adamantium claws and dudes in spandex saying “eh” at the end of their sentences.
Black-n-Bluegrass comes into the game with a mix of talent across the roster. The standout of this team, hands down, is Neva Shakeababy. Neva is an amazing athlete who constantly makes big things happen jam after jam. Another one to watch is former Cincinnati Junior Rollergirl turned Black-n-Bluegrass Junior Rollergirl turned Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirl Krumple Killsten. Even though it’s her first season playing on the adult level, Killsten has years upon years of skating experience and is incredibly skilled on eight wheels. Veterans Heavy Chevy and Hot T Molly will be doing their thing in the pack. And former Cincinnati Rollergirl and fancy hat enthusiast Obie Haive will be skating in black and blue.
Finally, the Cincinnati Junior Rollergirls and Black-n-Bluegrass Junior Rollergirls will kick off the night in the opening game at 6 p.m. From what I have gleaned from my sources, this is the first time the two juniors teams will be meeting publicly. This will be a great chance to see the stars of tomorrow in this ongoing rivalry play today.
In closing, Saturday night is going to be a great time at Hits Indoor Baseball Park in Covington. These two teams know each other well, and while the level of disdain for each is not nearly what it once was, I still wouldn’t call these teams buddy-buddy. Also, Hits is BYOB, so grab some delicious Cincinnati craft beers or bottles of Kentucky bourbon and come on down for some fun among frenemies.
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Cincinnati Rollergirls Violent Lambs vs. Black-n-Bluegrass

Cincinnati: Annie Tomical 91 // Chainsaw 80 // Darla Vader 1138 // Ellie Stab’er 631 // ¡I, Caramba! 23 // Jas Hubbard 135 // Jillian Dollaz 34 // Karli Hustle 41 // Macrum 93 // Polly Rocket 63 // Ragdoll Ruby 42 // Redrum 29 // Royal T 533 // Scrappy Sue 18 // Alternate: MIRDERHER 44
Black-n-Bluegrass: Billie Bitchslap 27 // Corset L Hurt 5678 // Mickey Mouth 61 // Neva Shakeababy 241 // Pinup Pussycat 131 // Proud Mary 911 // Obie Haive 16 // Silverose 8 // Willy Wonkher 85 // Heavy Chevy 4X4 // Mellkat 6FT // Krumple Killsten 7 // Hot T Molly (Tank) 331 // O’Doyle Rulz 1428 // Alternates: Briggs n Smackem 11 // Kung FU Hussy 42