A few weeks after sweeping their first double-header at Xavier University’s Cintas Center, the Cincinnati Rollergirls will return to action for their second and final game of the fall on Saturday, Oct. 8 at Sports Plus in Evendale.

The teams

This double-header is an interstate battle, with CRG’s Black Sheep taking on Team Indiana Roller Derby at 6 p.m. and CRG’s Violent Lambs playing Team Kentucky Roller Derby at about 8 p.m.  

Both Team Indiana and Team Kentucky are made up of skaters from all over their respective states who have come together to compete in the annual Battle of the All-Stars tournament in Scranton, PA in March 2023. The CRG double-header gives the 2022-2023 Team Indiana and Team Kentucky rosters their first chances to play together as teams against a more established Cincinnati Rollergirls squad.

The skaters 

CRG’s Black Sheep roster looks similar to the one that defeated Vette City on Sept. 10 at Cintas Center, with a few exceptions. With the recent retirement of veteran skater Sailor Scary and several other skaters unavailable for this game, blocker Mazel Tov Cocktail and jammer Star Flatten’em have made the leap from the Lambs to the Sheep. And making their first appearances in a CRG game this year will be Motley Crouton, who recently returned to action from a leave of absence, and recent transfer Pinkie Brewser

The Sheep will face a formidable opponent in Team Indiana, which includes four current and three well-known retired Naptown Roller Derby skaters: Teeth, Trudy Bauchery and Willsmith, who previously skated under the name Maiden America. Two other notable former Naptown skaters, Diamond and Wham Bam, also appear on the roster representing their new team, the Race City Rebels (Indianapolis). 

Another familiar face on the Team Indiana roster is current Lafayette Roller Derby skater Punky, who transferred from the Race City Rebels to CRG in early 2020 but didn’t have a chance to play in a public game with Cincinnati before the pandemic hit. Skaters from Circle City Roller Derby (Indianapolis), the Cornfed Derby Dames (Muncie), Demolition City Roller Derby (Evansville) and South Bend Roller Derby round out the roster.

In the second game of the night, all but two Black Sheep skaters — Wheezy and Nuk’em — will also appear on the Violent Lambs roster. Filling those two spots will be Kat A Strophic and Lavender Menace, a transfer who will be making her CRG debut on Oct. 8. 

The Team Kentucky roster also features some familiar names, including four skilled Vette City skaters whom CRG just faced on Sept. 10: Bambi ThumpHer, Kill’N, Lex Luther and Queen of Hearts. The Team Kentucky roster also includes skaters from Black-n-Bluegrass (Covington), Roller Derby of Central Kentucky (Lexington), Somer City Roller Derby (Somerset) and the West Kentucky Rockin’ Rollers (Paducah).

Deaf Night 

This double-header also marks CRG’s first Deaf Night, featuring an ASL rules explanation, an interpreter to help Deaf fans meet the skaters (some of whom are learning ASL) and more.

The bottom line

Don’t miss your chance to get close to the action and cheer on CRG against some of the toughest opponents they’ll face this year. With a capacity of just 200 at Sports Plus, this game is all but guaranteed to sell out, so get your tickets today

Game day details 

What: Cincinnati Rollergirls vs. Team Indiana and Team Kentucky 

Where: Sports Plus, 10765 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241 

When: Doors open at 5 p.m. The Black Sheep play Team Indiana at 6 p.m. and the Violent Lambs play Team Kentucky at approximately 8 p.m.

Tickets: Buy tickets in advance and save! Adults: $12 in advance, $15 at the door; children 3-12: $5; children 2 and younger: free.

Seating: General admission seats include a limited number of folding chairs. Spectators may also bring their own chairs to the venue. Trackside seating directly on the floor is available for ages 18 and older and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Spectators may not bring chairs into the trackside seating area for the safety of players and officials.

Parking: Free 

Concessions: Food, soda, cocktails and beer are available for purchase at the bar at Sports Plus and may be brought to your seats. No outside food or beverage will be allowed inside.

Game 1 Rosters

CRG Black Sheep: 10 Krystonite (she/her) // 116 Ursa Maimher (they/them) // 154 Crystal Whip (she/her) // 18 Mazel Tov Cocktail // 314 Wicked Widget (she/her) // 32 Big Red (she/her) // 36 Motley Crouton (she/her)  (she/her) // 40 Whitlash // 43 Wheezy (she/her) // 63 Princess Derby (she/her) // 6313 Ellie Stab’er (Chad) (she/her) // 71 Star Flatten’em (they/she) // 721 Syke (she/her) // 77 Pinkie Brewser (she/her) // 86 Nuk’em (she/her)

Team Indiana: OO Roulette Wheels // 4 Boggs // 5 Trudy Bauchery // 12 Rogue // 24 Rita Repulsa // 25 Lickety Splint // 62 Jessie Fisher // 76 Willsmith // 84 Wham Bam // 123 Diamond // 126 Tara Mup // 168 SeanA the Dead // 214 Spinellie // 247 Punky // 687 LC Hammer // 789 Goldie Brawn

Game 2 rosters

CRG Violent Lambs: 05 Kat A Strophic (she/her) // 10 Krystonite (she/her) // 116 Ursa Maimher (they/them) // 154 Crystal Whip (she/her) // 18 Mazel Tov Cocktail (she/her) // 314 Wicked Widget (she/her) // 32 Big Red (she/her) // 340 Lavender Menace (she/her) // 36 Motley Crouton (she/her) // 40 Whitlash (she/her) // 63 Princess Derby (she/her) // 6313 Ellie Stab’er (Chad) (she/her) // 71 Star Flatten’em (they/she) // 721 Syke (she/her) // 77 Pinkie Brewser (she/her)

Team Kentucky: 111 Jams Beasley // 122 Wicked Wench // 13 Rocky Floor’er // 149 Bambi ThumpHer // 16 Violator // 18 Scrappy Sue // 1983 Thriller // 25 Amber Waves of Pain // 331 Tank // 412 Bettelscar // 55 Queen of Hearts // 85 Bunny // 907 Alaskan Assassin // 92 Lex Luther // 931 Kill’N // Alt 1: 623 ItsPoptart // Alt 2: 10 Lefty Lou

Referees: TBA

Non-Skating Officials: TBA