The Cincinnati Rollergirls will celebrate Superhero Night on Saturday, April 22 with a single-header against formidable mashup team, The World. Coming off a fiercely fought loss to the Louisville All-Stars on April 8, CRG will be ready for action in their second game of the season. 

Doors open at 5 p.m. and the action starts at 6 p.m. at Sports Plus (10765 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241). CRG’s A team, the Black Sheep, will take on The World in regulation play. Seating is up close, but extremely limited — buying in advance is your best bet.


Come dressed and ready to fly! CRG’s first Superhero Night since 2019 will feature:

  • Costumed characters
  • A superhero costume contest during halftime — CRG invites fans of all ages to dress as their favorite superhero
  • Superhero trivia


This battle will feature CRG’s A team, the Black Sheep, taking on The World, at 6 p.m., in a single-header event guaranteed to be fast-paced, hard-hitting and competitive. CRG is currently ranked 26th out of 111 teams in WFTDA’s North America East region.

In addition to skaters from Naptown Roller Derby, Terrorz Roller Derby, and Rocky Mountain Roller Derby, some of CRG’s own fan favorites will be coming out of retirement for one night only to take the track against their former team. Garden of Beatin’, Jillian Dollaz, Wheezy, Noah Pologies, and Baker will be rounding out The World’s roster. 

Talking of playing against her old team, The World’s Jillian Dollaz, said, “In my 10 years of derby experience, I’ve never worn a jersey for anyone but the Cincinnati Rollergirls. I retired this year, but I jumped at the chance to play against some of the hardest working players in the game. I’m excited to play with new friends on The World and see if we can give them a run for their money.”


The winners of last game’s MVP awards, Big Red (best blocker) and Whitlash (best jammer) will come ready to play. As for newcomer ROOTHless, her first game as a WFTDA-level jammer was impressive and she will be exciting to watch again.

“This is a team fighting from the back foot, and they showed that by holding together in the second half [of the last game],” said coach Grimace Gallagher. “This is a young team that will battle and show the grit needed when a team is finding its teeth again. These next two games in a jammed-full month will show that.”  


Halftime will feature a superhero costume contest. CRG invites fans of all ages to dress as their favorite superhero.


Don’t miss your chance to get close to the action and cheer on CRG in its second season game of 2023 and its first at the intimate venue Sports Plus. Single-game tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite.


What: Cincinnati Rollergirls vs. The World

Where: Sports Plus, 10765 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241

When: Saturday, April 22. Doors open at 5 p.m. Game starts at 6 p.m.

Tickets: Single-game tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite.

  • Presale single-game tickets: $12 adults 13+, $5 kids 7-12, free for kids 6 and younger
  • Day-of single-game tickets: $15 adults, $7 kids 1-12, free for kids 6 and younger

Sports Plus is an intimate venue and tickets are extremely limited. Purchasing presale is recommended.

Parking: Free

Concessions: Yes


Cincinnati Rollergirls Black Sheep: 10 Krystonite (she/her) // 100 Jackie the Ripper (she/they) // 116 Ursa Maimher (they/them) // 154 Crystal Whip (she/her) // 18 Mazel Tov Cocktail (she/her) // 2 RailRoad (she/her) // 22 ROOthless (she/her) // 32 Big Red (she/her) // 36 Motley Crouton (she/her) //  314 Wicked Widget (she/her) // 71 Star Flatten’em (they/she) // 40 Whitlash (she/her) // 6313 Ellie Stab’er (Chad) // 85 Raezor (she/her) // 721 Syke (she/her) // Alternates:  Francis Von Deathenstein (they/them) // Gore-gon (she/her)

The World: Poison Ivy 11, Terrorz Roller Derby // Katniss Evermean 12, Terrorz Roller Derby // Shadi Layne 1317, Naptown Roller Derby // Garden of Beatin’ 16, CRG Alumni Association // FlipHer 18, Naptown Roller Derby // Oh Crit! 20, Race City Rebels // Jillian Dollaz 34, CRG Alumni Association // Baker 42, CRG Alumni Association // Wheezy 43, CRG Alumni Association // Blackout 611, Naptown Roller Derby // Harper Bizarre 617, Rocky Mountain Roller Derby // Huntress 67, Naptown Roller Derby // Harley Sin 69, Terrorz Roller Derby // Peanut 88, Naptown Roller Derby

Referees: bmd (2113) (he/him) // Dr. Funkenstein (he/him) // Nick Tater (he/they) //  Pete Kolis (he/they/she) // Stray Taco (he/they) // Wishbone Breaker (she/her) // Jerry Rigg (he/him)

Non-Skating Officials: Mix Match (they/them) // Mike Busam (he/him) // Dorothy Galeforce (she/her) // Silken Tofu (she/her) // Lavender Menace (she/her) // Nosferhofftu (he/him)

By: Yvonne Keller