An open letter to Ohio lawmakers on the Trans Day of Visibility

An open letter to Ohio lawmakers on the Trans Day of Visibility

Cincinnati Rollergirls skater and Finance Director Wicked Widget wrote the following letter to her Ohio state representative and senators in March 2021. The International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of the discrimination and violence they continue to face, is observed annually on March 31.

Dear Ohio lawmakers: 

I am writing to you as a constituent and athlete in Ohio regarding the disingenuously named “Save Women’s Sports Act” recently introduced by Rep. Jena Powell. I hope that you will consider the cruel and dangerous nature of this legislation, which was created out of hatred for girls and young women and not out of a desire for fairness or an understanding of science.

This legislation serves no other purpose than to prevent trans women and girls from learning leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork by playing on a sports team. There is no scientific reason to ban them, nor is there an epidemic of transgender girls beating cisgender athletes in Ohio or anywhere in the country. Furthermore, this legislation is outright dangerous because it encourages students to bully their classmates by reporting that they suspect them of being transgender athletes, forcing the victims to undergo humiliating genital examinations.

I play for the Cincinnati Rollergirls, an amateur roller derby team located in Cincinnati. Playing on a team, whether for recreation or serious competition, is an experience everyone should have. I am fortunate to skate for an organization that isn’t limited by bigotry. Without my trans teammates, I would have missed out on playing with some of the most amazing people I know. Teammates who motivate me by trying their best every practice. Teammates who support me when I’m struggling and cheer for me when I’m successful. I would have missed out on meeting some of the closest friends I have ever had and will ever have. They are my family. Trans women are women. Trans girls are girls. And transphobia is still bigotry when you try to wrap it up in a pretty package and claim that you’re “saving women’s sports.”

Wicked Widget #314
Cincinnati Rollergirls Finance Director