The Cincinnati Rollergirls recently rolled into the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton for a special presentation by CRG skater and co-coach, Ursa Maimer, as a part of the center’s Celebrating Self series

Inside the event center’s ballroom, CRG skaters demonstrated the basics of roller derby. Spectators ate lunch while they learned the rules of gameplay: how points are scored, what a jam is and, of course, the proper way to hit. 

Once they had the basics down, Ursa Maimer shared their personal journey to roller derby. They joined CRG in 2019, wanting to find a sport to stay in shape. When a friend recommended they try roller derby, they started learning how to skate and worked hard to get on the team. 

They said they’ll never forget their first full-speed, full-contact practice. They were knocked to the ground for the first time, but they chose to get up and keep going.

“I started that night feeling incredibly, impossibly small,” Ursa said. “I left that night feeling I could do anything. I was hooked.”

Five years later, they are co-coaching the 2024 season. They say they’ve not only found a challenging and rewarding sport in roller derby, but a community of people to support them through the hard times.

Watch the full presentation on YouTube below.

Photo credit: Fitton Center for Creative Arts