Windy City Rolls Over Cincinnati

Chicago’s Windy City Rollers remain undefeated in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s North Central Region–and against the Cincinnati Rollergirls–after the two faced off in a June 4 double-header at the Cincinnati Gardens. The Windy City Rollers’ beat CRG’s Black Sheep, 178-83, and WCR’s Second Wind beat CRG’s Silent Lambs, 170-44.

Black Sheep vs. Windy City All-Stars

In the 60-minute main event, the Windy City Rollers All-Stars maintained the lead for the entire game, though the Black Sheep called it into question a few times. The score stood at 17-0 after the third jam, but Cincinnati then Windy City scoreless for the next six jams while managing to put 8 points on the board. A 15-point jam by Hannah Ouchocinco in the eighth jam of the game brought the score to 34-23, and then, with under two minutes left in the first half, a grand slam by Wheezy narrowed the deficit to just 11 points, with Windy City up 58-47.
But in the next jam, Cincinnati’s K. Lethal was sent to the penalty box for a major back block, and a subsequent 25-point power jam by Windy City’s Athena DeCrime after Cincinnati’s K. Lethal brought the the halftime score to 83-47. Cincinnati was unable to narrow the gap again in the second half, and Windy City went home to Chicago with another win over Cincinnati, 178-83. The loss brings the Black Sheep’s record to 3-4 this season.
High scorers for the Black Sheep were Hannah Ouchocinco with 37 points (3.36 points per jam), Wheezy with 23 points (2.09 points per jam) and K. Lethal with 22 points (1.57 points per jam). Trauma and Sk8r-Kinney led the Sheep blockers with 23 offensive and defensive actions each, followed by Karma Krash and Nuk’em with 10 each.
Windy City’s scorers were Athena Decrime with 58 points (5.80 points per jam), Zoe Trocious with 50 points (6.25 points per jam), Beth Amphetamine with 25 points (3.57 points per jam), Varla Vendetta with 21 points (2.63 points per jam), Ruth Enasia with 20 points (5 points per jam) and Jackie Daniels with 4 points (4 points per jam). Jackie Daniels also led the Windy City blockers with 23 offensive and defensive actions, followed by Sargentina with 14 and Yvette Yourmaker with 12.

Silent Lambs vs. Second Wind

The 40-minute opening game between Cincinnati’s Silent Lambs and Windy City’s Second Wind followed a similar pattern. The score was 17-0 in Windy City’s favor after the fourth jam, but back-to-back power jams by Cincinnati’s Hop Devil and Miss Print brought the score to 26-15. But the Second Wind blew past the Lambs with a 19-0 power jam of their own by Wreck & Shrew after Hot Slice was sent to the box, giving the Chicago team a 30-point lead, 45-15.
A subsequent 11-0 power jam by Hop Devil cut the Second Wind’s lead to 19 points, but then the Second Wind held the Lambs scoreless for the next few jams to bring the halftime score to 83-26. More big jams for the Second Wind in the second half, including a 25-0 jam by Mo Vengeance, brought the final score to 170-44. The loss brought the Lambs’ record to 3-3 this season.
High scorers for the Silent Lambs were Hop Devil with 23 points (3.29 points per jam), Miss Print with 10 points (2 points per jam), Hot Slice with 7 points (1.17 points per jam) and Cherry Choke with 4 points (1 point per jam). Kitten Kicker and Polly Rocket led the Lambs blockers with 12 offensive and defensive actions each, Pistol Whippin’ Wendy added 11 and Killian Destroy added 10.
Of the Second Wind’s nine jammers, high scorers were Wreck & Shrew with 71 points (11.83 points per jam), Ska Face with 34 points (5.67 points per jam), Mo Vengeance with 25 points (25 points per jam) and Unicoroner with 18 points (6 points per jam). Karmageddon led the Second Wind blockers with 9 offensive and defensive actions, Hermione Danger added 7 and Tori Adore and Mya Ssault each added 6.
Miss the action? Read the archived textcast (and watch archived video for a limited time) here.

Cincinnati Flock Ewes vs. Naptown Roller Girls Third Alarm and Harm City Homicide vs. Race City Rebels

On June 5, the Cincinnati Rollergirls’ new C team, the Flock Ewes, made their debut against the Naptown Roller Girls’ Third Alarm at the Cincinnati Gardens and won, 131-128.
High scorers for the Ewes were Scrapnel with 41 points (4.56 points per jam), Imma Tattooher with 36 points (5.14 points per jam), SulFury Assid with 31 points (3.10 points per jam) and Flannery O’Slaughter with 15 points (3.75 points per jam). Killian Destroy and Poppy Chulo led the Ewes blockers with 9 offensive and defensive actions each.
For the Third Alarm, Dazy Disaster was the high scorer with 48 points (8 points per jam), followed by Jostleynne Hoes with 39 points (4.88 points per jam). Caca Fuego and Shiva Diva led the Third Alarm blockers with 10 and 9 offensive and defensive actions, respectively.
CRG also hosted a men’s game between the Baltimore-based Harm City Homicide, featuring CRG coach Quad Almighty, and the the Indianapolis-based Race City Rebels. Harm City took home the win, 165-116.
The Cincinnati Rollergirls final home double-header of the season is June 18 against the Detroit Derby Girls.