Skater Profile: Jas Hubbard

If you've been a CRG fan for the past few years, you know the name Jas Hubbard — or Jas "The Hammer" Hubbard, as our announcer The Loud Guy likes to call her (and now she even has a hammer tattoo to match).
It's a fitting nickname, as Hubbard has been an indispensable tool in CRG's offensive toolbox. She had four 100-plus-point games this year, scored an average of 91 points per game and had an average point differential of +65 points per game. All told, she scored a whopping 729 points this season alone. And she electrifies fans as she laps the pack with dizzying speed and agility and lands astonishingly high apex jumps.
We got this powerhouse point-scorer to slow down for a few minutes to tell us more about everything from her derby beginnings to her pre-game rituals to the kind of pizza that's the way to her heart.

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